What’s the Point of This Blog?

That’s a good question. Currently, I don’t have a specfic topic that I want to talk about and I don’t want to be tied down to one thing. I called it lifeadventuresofanadult because I think it gives me a broad foundation of what I can talk about. I feel the name will help me to connect with more people and the situations I go through could pertain to a wider audience. 

I do plan on eventually talking about:

  • my life with horses
  • photography
  • travel
  • inspiration
  • adulting 101
  • writing
  • etc.


    My Favorite Riding Exercises: for the rider

    I’ve decided to compile a list of my favorite exercises that have helped me with my riding. I realized that there’s not enough on the internet telling riders specific exercises to help them ride better. I like to call them ‘magical’ exercises because (at least for me) they were kinda magical and like a light bulb moment. Most of these came from my time taking riding classes at my college. And my beautiful friend, Rachel, was my model. I asked her because she’s a close friend and she rides and I know she’s comfortable with the wacky things I make her do 😂. And she’s done photoshoots with me and is a fabulous model! And my horse, Awesome, was just awesome 😉. She’s used to the crazy things my friends and I do and was so patient. And the day we took pictures, it was a beautiful snowy day!

    Jockey pose: This is a really helpful thing for glueing your butt to the seat and it was a HUGE lightbulb moment for me! I had trouble trying to figure out what it should fell like having my butt in the right position, especially bareback. I felt like I was totally off balance and tilting forward. The purpose of it is to feel your seatbones. It also helps to sit on your hands, so you can feel with your hands where your seatbones are. And the idea is to keep that feeling when you put your legs down.

    Standing in your stirrups: This one is also very helpful. It teaches you where your legs should be and how to hold yourself up using your leg and abdominal muscles. If your feet are too far forward, you’re going to fall back and if they’re too far back, you’re going to fall flat on your face (and I’ve done both 😂). And it also helps your stretch out your heel and be able to keep your heels down (which is kinda important for riding a horse 😉). It’s harder to do on a moving horse, but it does help you more in the end if you can eventually stand while the horse is moving. The first picture is correct. She’s standing in the center of the saddle and the center of her balance. I told Rachel how impressed I was with her balance. The second picture is putting her feet too far forward, which caused her to sit back and be off balance. The third is putting her feet too far back and falling forward against the front of the saddle.

    Riding without stirrups/ bareback: Ok, this isn’t a specific exercise, but I think it’s something that every rider should do every once in a while. A lot of riders tend to depend too much on their stirrups (I’m usually one of them). A few months ago, I sprained my ankle and once I got back to riding, I couldn’t use stirrups because I just couldn’t position my foot the right way. That resulted in me riding without stirrups and having to figure out how to balance myself. I learned that you grip with your thighs and calves. You sit on your seatbones (jockey pose helps 😉). You learn to stretch your legs out and it can actually be very relaxing. I was actually told that I ride better without stirrups than I do with because I tend to tense up as soon as my feet go in the stirrups and I relax and am in perfect positioning as soon as I take my feet out of the stirrups (Yeah I know, I’m weird 😂). Riding bareback or without stirrups can really help with just about any riding positioning and strengthening problem you have. And you never know, you might go over a jump at a canter and loose a stirrup (this just happened to me the other day and I stayed on! 😂).

    Up, up, down: This one is typically better to do at a posting trot and instead of doing normal “up, down, up down” posting, you’re going up two beats and sitting one beat. This is really helpful for a variety of reasons. It really helps you to keep your heels down and it’s helpful in practicing sitting gently down on the horse. You also focus on your strength and balance because of the fact that you’re not going with the normal rhythm of the horse. We weren’t able to actually trot because I’m working with a few vices that Awesome now has while trotting, so I didn’t want anything to happen while we were taking pictures and freak out Rachel. So we did it at a halt.

    Legs in front of the saddle: I didn’t really know what to call this one, but it’s literally how it sounds. You hook your legs in front of the saddle, so no part of your legs are touching the horse’s side. It forces you to feel your seat bones and balance on your bottom. And for tense riders (me 😂), you have tension in your legs and taking your legs off the horse takes away tension. I did this exercise and the thigh lift exercise on a very sensitive horse. He was amazing! to ride and he made me more aware of my body and where there was tension. I was told that all advanced riders should be able to ride at all gaits in this position and have perfect balance. I was able to ride this at a walk and trot and you actually have decent balance.

    Thigh lift: I also did this one on the very sensitive horse. When I rode, I lifted my legs one-by-one at a walk then at a trot. It was another way to get your legs off the horse and release some tension. You realize how much you need to use your seat because as you’re lifting your thighs and balancing on your seat bones. And, if you’re like me, you realize that your thighs are not as strong as you think 😂. Rachel was impressing me with the fact that she could lift both of her thighs together, but she said it was painful 😂.

    And after your ride and these exercises, when you’re nice and sore, you can do these couple stretches.

    Reaching forward to touch the horse’s ears to stretch out your body.

    And reaching back as far as you can to the tail.

    Reaching down to touch your feet and we made it harder by reaching to your opposite foot which is a very good stretch.

    And, my favorite, around the world which you turn 360 around on the horse.

    And, of course, treats and cuddles with the horse because they’re the ones enduring the weird exercises.

    I thought I’d make a note of saying that I’m an intermediate rider and am still learning and these are the things that I have learned that I have felt were helpful to me. Thank you so much for reading! This was really fun to talk about and take pictures of. Please let me know if you’ve ever done these before or if maybe you’ll try them 😊.

    I’m back!

    So, I’ve been MIA for a while. School has been CRAZY, but now that midterms are over, hopefully it slows down for a while. Some new things with me: I badly sprained my ankle a couple weeks ago, but didn’t have to take too long of a break from horseback riding, I just couldn’t ride with stirrups (Those were some muscle building rides hahaha). Cold season finally caught up to me (eww). And for fun news, I just had a Halloween party! It was really great and it might be an annual thing. I haven’t decide if I wanted to write a blog post about it yet. And today is my birthday! Yay! 😁 Just thought I’d check in and say hi. There will be a post about more weird fruit and also one about kayaking soon! Let me know how your fall is doing. Have you done anything fun? Anything weird? Anything for Halloween? 😊

    My Top 10 Favorite Books, Stories and Series

    I love reading! It’s a hobby I’ve always been into. I have an active imagination and I love being sucked into different worlds. So, I thought I’d make a list of my favorite books, stories and series.

    #1- The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

    (There was a cover on this book, but I take off my covers and I don’t really know where it’s at.)

    I adore this book! I read it a few years ago and it’s one of those books that if I have nothing else to read, I’ll just sit down and read this one and it’s still just as wonderful and thrilling as it was the first time I read it. It’s about an island that every year holds a dangerous race of water horses called The Scorpio Races. The book centers around a girl named Puck, who is new to the races and a boy named Sean who has been the champion for the past couple years and spoiler alert, they fall in love. If I had an OTP, it would be them 😂. Seriously, read this book!

    #2- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

    I also adore this book. It was almost a tie between The Scorpio Races and this one. I read 20,000 Leagues last year during my freshman year of college. I actually ended up writing a paper about it. I have a wide variety of the type of books I like. I like teenage dramas and and classics. This is my favorite classic! When I look for books to buy, I like to read the first few pages (I don’t really know why, I guess to get a feel for the book). With this one, I kept on reading. I read the entire first chapter, sitting on the floor of a Barnes and Noble. The book is about a scientist and his two friends who go on a expedition to find a mysterious sea creature, but their boat is wrecked by the creature. The three friends survive and find themselves rescued by Captain Nemo, who invites them on his underwater voyage. 

    #3- The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

    My very well-worn copy of The Hobbit.

    This is another timeless classic that I love to randomly pick up. I literally memorized the first paragraph 😂 (Yeah, I’m a geek). I read this sometime after the first Hobbit movie came out (I also love all the movies too!). I think there’s a magic in every good book, but I really love the magic in this one. It always makes me feel more adventurous. My nephew also loves the book. I don’t know if he actually listens to the whole thing, but every once in a while, he asks me to read to him and he usually picks this one. In case you don’t know, The Hobbit is about a hobbit who goes on an adventure with 13 dwarves and a wizard to reclaim the dwarvish kingdom, Erebor from the dragon, Smaug. 

    #4- The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

    I’m actually still reading this one, but I’m almost finished and I’m loving it! (There is seven books total and I’m halfway through the 6th, The Silver Chair.) I really love Lewis’s writing style. I don’t know how to describe his style, but it makes it an easy and imaginative read. And these are technically children’s books, but I never got to read them as a kid and plus you’re never too old to read kid’s books. My nephew also loves these books! If you don’t know what this series is all about, it takes place in Narnia, a separate world from ours, that some children are chosen to visit. There’s usually different characters in each book. This is a really amazing series. It’s an easy read and so imaginative and simply fun!

    #5- Bearskin by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

    Ok, so this isn’t a book, which is why I changed the title from just books to books, stories and series, but I love this story so much that I had to include this in the list. I bought a huge book of Grimm Brother’s stories and Bearskin was one that I happened to come across. I would consider this one a less weird Grimm Brother story (If you’ve read any of their stories, you know exactly what I’m talking about). And it also has a really good morales and I’m not usually one for stories with morales. In the story, there’s a man who has just returned from war and has nothing but his gun and his brothers won’t let him live with them, so he goes off to figure out what to do and meets the devil. The devil offers him a deal that if the soldier can last for seven years without bathing, shaving, etc., then he will always have money. But if he would fail or die, then his soul would belong to the devil. The soldier agrees and the devil gives him his green coat and a bearskin (hence the title) and anytime the soldier reached his hand into the green coat, he would always have money. The rest of the story tells about his seven years. It’s really a great story and if you have the chance, read it. 

    And I have a very pretty book!

    #6- The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

    Yes, this seems to be everyone’s favorite series, but for good reason. It really keeps you hooked with all the action. Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer! I remember when I read this in either 8th or 9th grade, I went on my family’s annual trip to Florida to move my grandma there for the winter and I almost finished them. I didn’t finish the last one because unfortunately, I had to do other things other than just reading. 😂 I finshed them all in about two weeks. I’m going to assume that you know what they’re about because of their popularity with the books and the movies, but just in case: It’s about a teen girl named Katniss who volunteers for her sister to play in a deadly game called the Hunger Games set up by the government. In the Hunger Games, kids are pitted against each other to the death and one is left standing. Seriously good! Read it!

    #7- The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

    I really love Tolkien and his work! He was such as amazing author. This book is awesome! I actually haven’t finished it. I got distracted with Narnia (I’m a little ADHD when it comes to reading and watching shows; I’m distracted very easily 😂). But what I read so far, I loved. It’s again, like The Hobbit, so imaginative. I love all of the characters and the action in the story. My nephew also likes to hear this one, but he prefers The Hobbit. This one is about another hobbit who receives a magical, evil ring and must travel to Mt. Doom to destroy it with the help of his friends: Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf.

    #8- The Old Woman in the Wood by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

    This is another short little story by the Grimm Brothers. This one is more of a love story (But Bearskin also has a love story within the story. That’s another reason I love it!). But I feel like this one could almost be made into a Disney movie. This one is actally really mild for a Grimm Brother story and it’s just really sweet. So, in the story, there’s a peasant girl working for a rich family and they go on a trip through the woods and the whole family is killed, but she manages to get away. She runs off and goes to a circle of trees and is worried about how she’s going to survive. Then a talking bird comes and comforts her and shows her that the trees open and reveal food, clothes and a place to sleep. And, spoiler alert, in the end, it is revealed that the bird was actually a prince under a spell from a witch. I know, it sounds like a Disney movie, right?

    #9-The Bottle-Neck by Hans Christian Anderson

    I really love these little stories! I wouldn’t say that Anderson is as grim as the Grimm brothers, but he does come up with some weird ideas. The first time I read this was a few years ago, shortly after I bought the book. I flipped around and for some reason decided to read this one. At first, I thought it was kinda dumb because as the title suggests, it’s literally about a bottle-neck and the bottle-neck’s travels, but it turned out really great. The bottle-neck goes through how it was a wine bottle and it was used and it follows along with a couple and it’s just a really bittersweet story! Read this!

    And look how pretty my book is!

    #10- Canterwood Crest by Jessica Burkhart

    This is a series I read as a middle schooler/ young high schooler. I wouldn’t normally read it now, but it was my favorite series, so I felt that I should add it to the list. This was probably the first series I read. I had read some Nancy Drew books and some Animal Ark book, but I never got into the whole series in those. And Canterwood Crest was an odd book for me at the time because I was the weird girl who read classics like Huckleberry Finn and Sherlock Holmes and The Secret Garden in middle school. So anyway, the story mainly revolves around a girl named Sasha who goes to a prestige horse school and the drama that ensues around her and her friends. Yes, it is very much a teenage drama, but it’s really good if you’re in middle school.

    Thank you for reading! Let me know what some of your favorite books are or if you’ve read some of these!

    The Weird Fruit Experiement

    I should start this out by saying that I am THE pickiest eater and I typically refuse to try anything new. My sister, Nikki, however, got me into trying weird fruits and weirdly enough, I enjoyed the tasting experience. I should also add that some of the pictures are crappy because for some reason, I didn’t take a picture of the fruit as a whole.

    The first fruit I bought was a cactus pear.

    This was delicious! Definitely one of my favorites! It was very sweet and juicy. Some of my family members said the texture reminded them of dragonfruit. It was a very tasty treat and very easy to prepare. I cut off both ends and sliced down the middle and the rest simply peeled off.

    The next fruit was ataulfo mango. 

    This is one of the fruits that I apparently decided not to take a picture of the whole fruit. It looked similar to a normal mango, a little more oblong and I thought it tasted similar, maybe a little more sour. You also prepare it the same as a mango, where you cut off the edges around the large seed. I personally liked it, but no one else who tried it liked it.

    This next gooey-looking fruit is passion fruit.

    Passion fruit very dark, blackish-purplish outer covering. I was told by a very kind lady, who came through my line at the grocery store I work at with passion fruit, that the more wrinkled the passion fruit is, the sweeter it is. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I took her word for it and got the wrinkliest looking ones I could find. (She sounded like she knew what she was talking about since she was telling me about the giant passion fruits in her native country. I’m not entirely sure what her accent was.) When Nikki and I cut them open, we said, “Eww,” and started comparing it to puke because that’s honestly what it looked like on the inside. We each took a spoonful, as did my nephew who also enjoys trying these weird fruits, and we naturally smelled it. It smelled delicious! It smelled very floral and sweet. We took a bite and it wasn’t too bad. It tasted very similar to the smell. It was very sweet and I would definitely eat it again.

    This next lovely fruit is uniq fruit or ugli fruit.

    The outside of the fruit is very ugly and looks like a beat up, dirtied orange. I looked on a few websites on the best way to cut it and a lot suggested cutting the segments in half and scooping it out. I cut it open to see a vibriant, juicy orange color. My sister, my nephew and I (we’re the normal tasters) each took a scoop. It tasted like a sour orange, similar to a grapefruit. This is one of my favorites. I occasionally will buy a few to have them for breakfast.

    This strange, lovely looking one is a horned melon.

    This one really caught my eye at the grocery store. I did what I always do and look up the different fruits on Google to be sure I pick a ripe one. When I got home, Nikki and I sliced it in half longways to reveal a gooey, green inside.

    We thought it looked really cool on the inside and it had that cool, refreshing kind of smell. My sister, nephew, a friend and I each took a spoonful. In my personal opinion, I thought it tasted gross. We could all agree that it had a vegetable-like taste. I thought it particularly tasted like a cucumber and I am not a fan.

    This fruit (the yellow one) is called a quince.

    First of all, sorry for the terrible picture. Yet another one that I decide not to take a picture of it until after I cut it. This is one fruit that I will randomly see come in my line at the checkout every so often, so I decided to try it out. I looked up how to cut this one and a lot of websites suggested cutting the edges around the seed to make a square out of the middle (you can kind of see how I cut it in the picture). I didn’t particularly like the taste. It was very bitter and I just didn’t think it was a very good fruity snack. I have heard that it’s good in a jam.

    This small, odd fruit is a feijoa.

    To be quite honest, I don’t entirely remember the taste of this one, but I remember that I didn’t like it. I asked the others who tried it if they remember what it tasted like and they said that it reminded them of a melon in the taste and texture.

    The next one is a papaya.

    I unfortunately got an unripe one and Nikki and I didn’t realize this until we had already cut it open and was looking it up online. The outside was supposed to have a yellowish-orange color, but mine was yellow with a little green. Nevertheless, we still tried it. It was so gross. I have a rule in my mind that I have to swallow the fruit, but I just couldn’t. We tried the seeds because they’re edible, but it tasted like spicy paint and the fuit itself tasted like spicy soap (yes, that was our descriptions). Other than the taste, the seeds texture and look reminded us of fish eggs. The fruit itself reminded me of the texture of mangos. I might be willing to try it again if it was ripe, but I don’t know if I would buy it again in case I still didn’t like it.

    This bumpy, green fruit is guava.

    This one I did like (and it was ripe). This was one that I had been putting off buying, but I don’t really know why. I cut the fruit in slices. The inside was white with A LOT of hard little seeds (there are also red and pink guavas). The best way to tell if a guava is ripe is if it gives a little when you squeeze it.

    So anyways, the fruit literally tasted like a floral pear. It tasted really good, but I wish that there wouldn’t have been so many seeds because they were very hard to eat. The rind is also edible, but I wasn’t a fan. It had kind of a waxy taste and feel, but overall I liked it.

    This next exotic fruit is dragon fruit.

    First of all, it is a very pretty fruit and just looks exotic. The first time I tasted it, Nikki bought it. I wasn’t overly impressed, but it wasn’t bad, so I tried it again. Now I love it! I figured out later that the white dragon fruit has a more bland taste and the red/pink/purple one is a lot sweeter and has more flavor.

    The white one’s taste actually reminds me a little of a mix between a kiwi and a pear and the other is more of a kiwi. Both of their textures were basically a seedy kiwi. They’re also really good in smoothies!

    The next fruit are lychees.

    This was a very odd fruit. There are no knives needed, you simply peel it like an orange. The best way to describe the inside is slimy. There’s a white, slimy inside with a big seed in the middle. Find the reddest skin and the whitest inside for the ripest lychee. (I bought rambutans, which are very similar to lychees, and didn’t realize that they were overripe until I opened them.) The lychees smell very tropical and florally. We took a bite of what we described as an eyeball and we couldn’t decide whether we liked it or not. It tasted like it smelled, very floral. It was a strong taste, but I would probably buy it again.

    Another fruit I tried around the same time as the lychees, are kumquats. They’re as cute as they sound.

    These little guys reminded me of tiny oranges and the really cool thing is that you can eat the whole thing, skin and all. The seeds are technically edible too, but we didn’t eat them. I was aware that the skin is sweet and the inside is sour, but WOW! I like sour things. I can eat a lemon without puckering, but these were super sour. Nikki and my nephew, however, enjoyed them, so they ended up taking them home. The skin was kinda funny to eat. I don’t know if it was the fact that I felt like I was eating at orange rind, but it had a weird, almost chewy texture. The inside was literally like a super sour orange. Not so sure if I’ll ever eat them again, but I’m sure my sister and nephew will.

    That’s all for now. Thank you for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions. Or if maybe you’ve tried any of these, let me know what you thought about them. My sister and I will be starting a YouTube channel about the strange things we eat. Stay in tune for another post about the weird fruit we will be trying soon.


    Awesome is my 26-year-old Quarter Horse mare. Her full name is Little Miss Awesome and no, I didn’t name her that. She’s 15.3 hh and a very robust horse. In the picture below, she has a hay belly because of winter, but currently she’s at a good weight. She typically ranges between 1500 to 2000 lbs.

    She’s from the Impressive stallion, who, unfortunately, was bred to have a large body and small feet, giving them feet problems among other health problems. Awesome has yet to show any problems other than feet. She gets her feet trimmed about every four weeks and goes barefoot. She will eventually have arthritis in her left hind because of a previous injury, supposedly as a yearling, long before I bought her (I bought her when she was 19). She very easily gets laminitis and thrush and that is a constant battle, especially in the spring and summer months. I bought a solution called Cleantrax to help clean out the bacteria from her feet. I’ll be sure to write about it when I use it.

    Despite what seems like a lot of feet problems, she’s still spunky. She definitely doesn’t act like her age. 

    The picture below is her playing with her ball, it’s a good way to entertain her because she does not like being locked inside. And I must add, the barn floor does not look like that anymore. We’ve had water drainage problems when it rains and we’ve raised the floors by spreading stone dust. 

    She’s a very loving horse and adores kids. She gets really excited when she sees my nephew come up to the fence.

    She’s also very hard headed, but that has taught me so much about how to act around horses. She has taught me so much. Without her, I would know nothing about caring for a horse.